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I sometimes get the question about why one might need a guide in order to connect in nature. I like to think of it as similar to a yoga practice - you can and are encouraged to do it on your own, but it is simply easier to fully drop in with a teacher/guide, and the benefits you gain are magnified. Here are a few examples:

 SLOW DOWN - A guide will keep the pace for you and show you just how slow you should be moving in order to be fully aware of your senses and the surrounding environment. Often times this slowing down is hard for people, as we come from such a hurried & fast paced culture, and it is helpful to rely on someone else to lead the way. Guides also keep the time and lead all activities, so you don't have to worry or think about anything except the present moment.

 UNPLUG - Being guided by another is an opportunity to truly unplug from our busy lives. When we go in nature on our own, it can still be easy to be distracted by our screens and our thoughts instead of taking in the forest atmosphere. On a forest therapy walk, you are encouraged to tuck away your phone and embrace the quiet.

 TEA CEREMONY - You are able to experience the forest through all of your senses, including taste, by participating in the tea ceremony at the end of the walk. Your guide is trained to safely forage for local wild plants and create a simple infusion for you to enjoy. Partaking of the forest through tea is a new way for many to experience nature mindfully.

 COMMUNE - You will have the opportunity to deeply listen and also be heard by others if it feels right for you. Those who want to share their experience are welcome to and it can be a wonderful way to connect to others in a day + age where meaningful  face - to - face connection is in decline.

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