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"Why You Should Tell Your Team to Take a Break and Go Outside"

Corporate forest walks are a meaningful way to foster employee relationships while boosting creativity & productivity. Perfect for team building activities and retreats. 

These experiential walks can also be customized to your company's needs (ie: walk time/length, trail location, etc). This type of immersive practice has been shown to produce many health benefits that will translate tangibly into your workplace:


Employee & Employer benefits: 

↟ Lowered stress levels

↟ Boosted sense of connection (team-building)

↟ Increased cognitive function

↟ Boosted creativity & productivity

↟ Boosted mood

↟ Decrease in errors and the distracted mind

↟ Increased motivation

↟ Boosted immunity

"...we know that the #1 trait leaders look for in incoming employees is creativity, and exposure to natural environments dramatically improves our ability to think expansively and make superior decisions."

“I’m itching to get back to my sit spot,” said videographer Debra Bouchegnies one, who found herself fascinated by a spider spinning a web that she’d failed to notice until her “bath time” was nearly over. Another commented on how peaceful it was not to have to know what time it was all day. Clint said he found the experience “humbling.” “It makes you realize how little control you have.” Heather Fitzpatrick said she felt relaxed for the first time in months. And Michele Martaus marveled, “I feel like I’m seeing things for the first time.”

"How Tech Workers are Turning to the Japanese Practice of Forest Bathing to Unplug"




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